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Genesis T-Shirts

Added on August 21, 2015 in Genesis T-Shirts, Physiq Apparel
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On the Physiq Apparel Home page Menu, click on “T-SHIRTS – Compression”

GENESIS – Physiq Apparel‘s Most Outstanding Shirt Innovation Yet.

The Genesis T-Shirt takes performance to a new level. The shirt features a unique Nylon/Cotton fabric blend which hugs your upper body and maintains body temperature during training.

Genesis T-Shirt - Back

Genesis T-Shirt – Back View

Every element of the Genesis t-shirt is stategically designed for the most aesthetic, outstanding fit. The body is tapered and lengthened, as well as scoop-tailed to prevent the shirt lifting during training. The seams are designed to maintain the shape of the shirt and accentuate your physique.

The exclusive SemiCompress fabric is highly durable, and made to complement performance sport as well as all types of weight training.

Product Details Summary:

  • Cotton/nylon fabric blend
  • Tapered, lengthened body
  • Scoop-tailed
  • Accentuates physique
  • Body-hugging and temperature-maintaining fabric – perfect for action sports and weight-training

For a tight, compression look: Choose your usual size.

For a fitted, but more relaxed fit: Choose a size up. If you are unsure about your size we suggest you choose a size larger. The model is wearing size Large.

Also available in these colors:

(On the Physiq Apparel Home page, click on "T-SHIRTS > Compression" in the top Menu.)
Genesis T-shirt - Blood Red

Blood Red

Genesis T-shirt - White


Genesis T-shirt - Ultra Coral

Ultra Coral

Genesis Tshirt Black



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