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Supreme T-Shirts

Added on August 27, 2015 in Physiq Apparel, Supreme T-Shirts
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Showing Speckled Supreme T-Shirt – Pewter Grey

See the full range: On the Physiq Apparel Home Page Menu, click “T-SHIRTS > Supreme”.

Speckled Supreme T Shirt

Speckled Supreme T-Shirt – Detail

The Supreme Tee by Physiq Apparel is a custom, ultra-fitted T-shirt. The T-shirt is of a stretchy material which hugs the physique and features a tapered waist. The lower part of the T-shirt is lengthened so it suits all types of physiques.

Also available in these colors:

(on the Physiq Apparel Home Page Menu, click "T-Shirts > Supreme".)
Supreme T-shirt - White


Supreme T-shirt - Grey


Supreme T-shirt - Black


Supreme TShirt - Aqua


Supreme Tee - Magma Coral

Magma Coral

Supreme Tee - Marine


Supreme Tee - Salmon


Supreme Tee - Mint


Speckled Supreme T Shirt Poison Green Copy

Speckled - Poison Green

Speckled Supreme T Shirt White Smoke

Speckled - White Smoke

Speckled Supreme T Shirt Volt Copy

Speckled - Volt

Speckled Supreme T Shirt Pewter Grey

Speckled - Pewter Grey


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